Site Scanning

Aerial Survey

Photogrammetric Site Survey

A photogrammetric survey is a mapping technique that uses photographs to measure and interpret the features of an area, and is used to create accurate and detailed maps, models, and representations of geographical features and structures.
Available Deliverables:
Available Deliverables:

Topographical Survey

A topographical survey is a detailed mapping of the natural and man-made features of an area, including its elevations, contours, and structures, and is used to understand the topography of a site and its potential impacts on development.

Survey with Full Planimetrics

A survey with full planimetrics is a detailed mapping and measurement of the horizontal and vertical features of an area, including its elevations, contours, structures, and utilities, and is used to understand the layout and characteristics of a site and its potential impacts on development.
Available Deliverables:

Asset Replication

Digital Twins

Asset Modeling

This is the process of creating a digital representation of physical assets, such as buildings, infrastructure, or equipment. It includes collecting and analyzing data from various sources, such as laser scans and aerial photography, to create a comprehensive and accurate model of the asset.

Available Deliverables:
Available Deliverables:

Game Engine Integration

Integrating 3D models into a game engine allows for the creation of immersive, interactive, and realistic virtual environments for VR, AR, and simulations. The added flexibility can enhance the understanding and visualization of complex systems and spaces being modeled.

Interactive Digital Twin with Live Sensor Data

This service allows for real-time monitoring and analysis of a physical asset or environment through the use of sensors. This sensor data is then fed into the digital twin in real-time, allowing stakeholders to see the asset’s current state and make decisions based on that information.

Available Deliverables:

Creative Insights


Technical Guidance

Providing expert advice and support to organizations on the use and implementation of digital twins. This may include assistance with the development and deployment of digital twins, as well as ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that the digital twin is working effectively.

Available Deliverables:
Available Deliverables:


Providing individuals or organizations with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively use digital twin technology. This can include instruction on how to create, manage, and analyze digital twins, as well as how to integrate them into various business processes and workflow.

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